Random Ways to Make Extra Money


Ever wanted to know if you could make some extra money while trying to save? Or ever wondered if you could pay off debt with some extra income you can earn? Well the answers to both of those questions is yes. Yes, you can make some extra money while saving and paying off debt with some extra cash you can start making.

1: Return bottles and cans.

If you live in specific states that pay for bottle returns, you can return bottles and cans to your local redemption center. It is a simple way to earn a little extra cash and if you go throw a lot of bottles and cans in a month then it will easily add up. It will add up quickly too, without you even realizing it.

Here are states with container deposit laws that pay between 5 – 10 cents per container…

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont.

2: Return change.

You can return your change once your change jar is full. Most change jars fill up within a month or so, depending on how much you use cash for purchases. Some say that if you mind your pennies then things will start to add up and that saying seems to be true every time. Because if you do start to mind your pennies then you will start to see some extra cash come into your pocket. It doesn’t mean you have to be stingy but you can always think twice before thinking you really need something.

3: Take some online surveys. 

There are some online surveys you can take that will actually pay you. Feedback is important and who knows, if you take 10 surveys in a day then you could earn up to $35 per survey with some websites.

4: Uber or Lyft driver.

You can become an Uber or Lyft driver on days where you want to earn a few extra dollars for driving people around town. On some days there can be a surcharge fee so you will earn even more money for driving people to and from their destinations.

5: Test websites and mobile apps. 

People are constantly creating websites and mobile apps that are great but need to be tested in order to see if they work properly. People do not want to launch a website or an app without it working properly because then the public will be upset when they do not work. It is always important to give others feedback as well so things will be made properly.

These are just a few ways you can earn some extra money. It is always important to keep income coming in so that way you can simply save or you can pay back Wise Loan quicker than you normally would and it wouldn’t get you stressed or on a budget. It is always that simple! Keep up the saving and hard work, money is always important!

Wise Loan is Growing

In the United States, loan companies are licensed on a state by state basis. This is because different states have different terms, rates, and agreements when it comes to borrowing money and paying it back. In the beginning Wise Loan was only available in Utah and Texas, in the last few years Wise Loan has expanded and we can now offer online installment loans, instant cash loans, and cash advances to 7 states including…

  • Idaho
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • and Utah


Wise Loan is looking to expand to more states as time goes on, because who wouldn’t want the great benefits that Wise Loan has to offer? Hopefully the next state we offer our Wise Loans to, is your state!

Ideas For Your Tax Refund

Tax RefundIt’s about that time of year where tax refund checks are either coming in the mail or getting directly deposited into bank accounts. It’s always hard knowing what to do with your money, it could burn a hole in your pocket or it could just sit in the back corner waiting to go unnoticed. Did your refund check seem to burn a hole in your pocket last year, and you seem to not have anything to show for it? Well, if that is the case then you should consider a few of these tips for your refund check.

Tip #1- Put it in an emergency fund.

You should consider building an emergency fund because you never know when you might need some extra cash. Crazy things happen every day and you may need that money to pay one of your bills because you were short on cash that month. Or maybe your car needs a new windshield because a rock flew from a dump truck and cracked it. No matter what the case is, it is always smart to have an emergency fund.

Tip #2- Pay off debt.

It is always good to pay down debt because it’s never a good thing to accumulate debt. If it is credit card debt, then it is smart to pay that off so you are not paying for interest. Interest is one of those things that always seems to build up and is the worst part about paying back money you borrowed. Also paying off your debt can leave you stress-free and give you the energy you need to focus on different things.

Tip #3- Send it to the retirement account.

Retirement is one of those things that everybody wants, but not everybody is going to be able to afford. Today’s economy makes it seem like not many people will be able to have a retirement. With that being said, that’s a lot of years of working ahead of us. If you start saving now for retirement, then it will really adds up later for you. Every penny counts, and retirement is really nice after working for the past 60 plus years. You always want to look out for your future.

Tip #4- College funds.

If you have a child, then it is important that he/she has a college fund because college is not cheap and it will help them out when they need ten $400 books and barely have enough money to keep food in their stomachs. The more they have saved up then the more likely they will go to the school they desperately want to go to and it will help them out tremendously. Also, it gives your child a reason to want to excel with their knowledge and it will hopefully help them be successful.

Tip #5- Pay ahead on your mortgage.

This tip goes hand-in-hand with tip #2. Mortgage is a form of debt and even if you pay ahead on it a couple of times, then it will really help when it comes to the bank. Plus you will pay off your mortgage quicker and it only helps you out in the long run. It looks better to your bank as well and you will not spend 70 years paying off a $200,000 house.

Tip #6- Plan a vacation.

Go on that vacation to the Bahama’s if you would like. Nothing is wrong with seeing the world and realizing that there is much more to life than working everyday and paying bills. Not to mention vacations are good for the soul. Vacations give you time to relax and venture away from reality for a little bit. It is also good for your mental health to reward the hard work you have done and to get away from the same old.

Tip #7- Renovate your house.

If you are someone who likes to take time off but not leave your house, then renovate it a little bit. Spend the money on making that patio you really want or buy all the flowers to make that beautiful garden you envision out front to welcome your future guests. Nothing is wrong with investing in the place you live. It only makes you feel better and your home look appealing. Plus if you replace windows or upgrade to energy efficient appliances, then it will cut down on some of your bills so you end up paying less in the long run.

Tip #8- Donate it.

Last but not least, donate your money to a charity where someone will benefit from it. You can always use it as a tax deduction too. It may not seem like the best thing to do but it can make your community better and it will make you feel better knowing that you made a difference in someone else’s life.

These are just a few tips on what to with your tax refund. It is definitely smart to do something with your money rather than just spending it on not very useful things like clothes, dining out, or little things here and there. This article is designed to give you a better understanding about what to do with your refund check. Regardless of what you do with your refund check, we hope that this article has helped Money matters for the future!

Have you been Pwned?


You are probably wondering what it means to be ‘pwned’. It’s a slang reference to ‘being owned’. The word pwned refers to having your sensitive, protected, or confidential data viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so generally through hacking. Data breaches may involve personal health information, or personally identifiable information, trade secrets or intellectual property.

We’ve all heard of the huge data breaches on Yahoo, myspace, linked in, adobe, dropbox, tumblr, and more. What you may not be aware of is that once information like passwords are stolen, they are often sold to others on the ‘dark web’ and used not only to break into the accounts they were stolen from but to your other accounts as well because often people use the same usernames and passwords for multiple websites.

The dark web is a place on the internet where you need special kind of programs to access it, it’s anonymous and there are a lot of illegal online activities that go on there. The common person cannot access the dark web, only someone with the right knowledge and equipment can get on.

It is so important to know if any websites you have used have been hacked. You can check to see if you have been pwned at haveibeenpwned.com. When you go there, you just enter in your email and it will tell you if you have been pwned or not and what websites that your email is linked to that have had a data breach.

To avoid being ‘pwned’, make sure you always use a different password for every online account you have. It can be annoying but it is important if you do not want your accounts to be hacked and exploited. To make it easier, you can use a password management system like LastPass. Then you only have to remember 1 password!

Wise Loan is now Available in Idaho!

idaho installment loanIf you live in Idaho and are looking into getting an installment loan, you are in luck because Wise Loan is now in Idaho!

Wise loan offers installment loans, cash advances, instant cash loans, and personal loans to many states through-out the US and now we offer these services to the residents of Idaho too.  Wise loan makes it easy to obtain the loan you nee
d quickly and without having perfect credit, plus with Wise Loan, you can receive cash back bonuses!

Once a loan is paid off in a timely matter, we create a savings account called a “Nest Egg” account and that is where you can either save money or use it for future loan. For every $100 borrowed, you can receive $1 – $5 in your Next Egg account.

Wise Loan offers loan amounts between $200 – $2000 and we don’t just look at your credit history in the application process so don’t worry if you don’t have perfect credit. Taking out a Wise Loan can actually improve your credit because we report to all the major credit credit bureaus.

When your loan is approved, applicants typically receive their funds within 24 hours but it can be as soon as the same day! Wise Loan also has flexible repayment terms. Applicants can choose the number of payments necessary to pay off the loan and what days of the month those payments are made.





Is there a loan that offers cash back?

Is there a loan that offers cash back?

There aren’t a lot of installment loans that offer anything in return besides fees and hassles but Wise Loan is different! Wise Loan has a “Nest Egg” program that gives cash back for simply paying back your loan on time. For every $100 that’s borrowed and paid back on time, you get up to $5 back in your “Nest Egg” account. The money gets deposited after the loan is paid in full.

Once your money is in your “Nest Egg” account, you have a couple options. You can have the funds electronically deposited into your bank account, apply the funds next time you take out a loan with Wise Loan, or apply it to reduce the cost of your current loan. This cash back bonus is real money you can use or save to help ensure you won’t need to take out a loan or as big of a loan next time.

Wise Loan also gives cash back for referring a friend. For every friend you tell about Wise Loan who applies and gets approved, you’ll get $25 added to your “Nest Egg” account as soon as your friend’s loan agreement is signed.

Is there a loan that offers cash back? Yes! It’s Wise Loan! If your going to take out an installment loan, you might as well use the company that offers the best cash back program. Find out more about Wise Loan today!

Can I get approved for an installment loan with bad credit

bad credit installment loanIf you are in need of a loan and you have bad credit, it may seem like you don’t have a lot of options. You may have applied for a loan in a traditional bank and been turned down due to your credit score. Most financial institutions do require a good credit score to take out a loan and you may be wondering “Can I get approved for an installment loan with bad credit?”

The short answer is YES. Although most financial institutions want you to have a great credit score, some institutions like Wise Loan take other factors into consideration. Wise Loan does assess an applicants ability to pay back their loan in the application process but they do not solely look at credit score and often approve loans for applicants with lower credit scores.

Wise Loan also reports an applicants on-time payments to all of the credit bureaus. This means that after your loan is paid off, it will help improve the borrowers credit score or help the borrower establish a credit score if they simply don’t have enough credit to have a score.

Having bad credit can make it difficult to take out a loan but it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t qualify. Go to Wiseloan.com for more information.