Wise Loan is now Available in Idaho!

idaho installment loanIf you live in Idaho and are looking into getting an installment loan, you are in luck because Wise Loan is now in Idaho!

Wise loan offers installment loans, cash advances, instant cash loans, and personal loans to many states through-out the US and now we offer these services to the residents of Idaho too.  Wise loan makes it easy to obtain the loan you nee
d quickly and without having perfect credit, plus with Wise Loan, you can receive cash back bonuses!

Once a loan is paid off in a timely matter, we create a savings account called a “Nest Egg” account and that is where you can either save money or use it for future loan. For every $100 borrowed, you can receive $1 – $5 in your Next Egg account.

Wise Loan offers loan amounts between $200 – $2000 and we don’t just look at your credit history in the application process so don’t worry if you don’t have perfect credit. Taking out a Wise Loan can actually improve your credit because we report to all the major credit credit bureaus.

When your loan is approved, applicants typically receive their funds within 24 hours but it can be as soon as the same day! Wise Loan also has flexible repayment terms. Applicants can choose the number of payments necessary to pay off the loan and what days of the month those payments are made.





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